Badnoodles (badnoodles) wrote,

I do not understand the slut pride movement.  I fully support and back someone's right to sleep with whom the choose, and that someone's choice of apparel has no bearing at all on their status of consent.


But to embrace the name "slut"...
A slut is to a voluptuary as a glutton is to a gourmand. One is a title to wear without shame, the other implies a complete lack of taste and self control, that you'll share your body with anything that wriggles.   And yes, it does invite judgement, much like we tend to judge people that stuff themselves with Ho-Hos and Jack in the Box and Hungry Man XXL frozen dinners. There's just as many calories in English trifle or duck confit with bearnaise sauce, but we (as a society) approve of appreciating fine food.


So be a sybarite, not a slut, in both behavior and nomenclature.

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