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Thank the maker! I managed to unfuck the boot partition on my main computer at home. Not only do I have access to LJ on a full size keyboard instead of Swype, I can listen to music. Loudly. With profanity. I know my desktop is getting old, and it struggles with java and flash-heavy websites. But it still works. And it's got a decent monitor resolution and

Things are still a mess, and I find it very stressful. On the one hand, I want to unpack all these boxes and satisfy my anal need for organization and neatness.

On the other hand, I persist in thinking "I'll only be here for a year. What does it matter if I unpack these dishes that I never use?" Although I do like teaching, I like my students, and I like my coworkers, I feel very cut off. I'm an intense homebody, so it's very hard for me to meet people. And I don't have any family here, or even any internet friends (as far as I know). In many ways, it reminds me of my sojourn in Riverside - I hated that, too.

But good things have happend. I found out that I did pass my boards, and I am now an official member of the American Board of Forensic Entomologists. WVU gave me my own credit card, which I promptly used to buy maggots over the internet. And I figured out that I could park my motorcycle not 50' from my building - a far cry over the 40min commute by car. And ebony14 will be here by the end of the month. If I can ever get out from under my mountain of grading, I want to spend some time in Pittsburgh. At least I know I can get half price books, clothes that fit, and Swedish meatballs there.
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