Badnoodles (badnoodles) wrote,

This week has gone really awesomely well. I have two job interviews lined up and was invited to give a presentation at a large meeting next month. All my books arrived in the mail. Several checks have arrived in the mail. And people I've missed for a long time turned up on Facebook.

It's almost too good, you know? I'm profoundly grateful, because if the month before had sucked any harder, I'd be inside out. But like every gambler knows, a run of good luck never lasts. And I need every drop of luck I can get to face my board exam next week.

It's a 12 hour exam. No one has ever finished it faster than 10 hours. I have to get 80%+ on all sections in order to become board-certified. I've been studying very hard - honestly, harder than I studying for my PhD qualifying exams. (Some of you will remember that I woke up with my face paralyzed from the stress of those. I want to pass, and I need to pass. I need every credential I can get.

But whatever deity is responsible for this week, I thank you.
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