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Mandolin Santa, from the 2002 "Musical Santas" Series. Not much to say about him, but with him, I've finished the 2002 trio.

Left to right, we have Juniper Branch Santa, Holly Berries Santa and Pine Tree Santa, the three 1999 "North Woods" Santas. As always, these are DMC and glass beads on punched paper, backed with felt. I could tell when I was doing these that they were early in the series - the designers hadn't embraced their mad love of beads the way they have in more recent years. And I didn't even notice when I bought them that each one featured a cute animal. I would have been much more excited had I realized that I'd be stitching bunnies, and owl, and the world's largest quail.

This brings my total santa count to 36. And I just got an email last week announcing the 2012 series...which is tropical island themed!

Merry Texmas #2: Yellow Cowboy Boot

Canvas is designed by "A Collection of Designs", and stitches by Emily Pannier. I didn't make any major changes. Fibers are Designing Women, River Silks, and Thread Gatherer silk ribbon, Dinky Dyes, Gentle Art, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, Thread Worx, and Vineyard Silk, plus glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

This piece was an exercise in frustration. Not because the patterns is so big, but because the shop had an utterly inordinate amount of trouble getting me the materials. First they shipped me the fibers to a completely different kit. Then they shipped me fibers which were wrongs. And half the stuff was on backorder. It took six months and I don't know how many phone calls trying to get it all sorted out. Even then, I had to drive the long distance to the shop, only to find everything that had been on backorder for open stock in the shop. Needless, to say, I was livid. But I did finally get all my damn fibers.

I don't want to bitch and moan, but this is the second needle shop that has given me 31 flavors of runaround when it comes to mail order. They lose stuff, they forget about back orders, they double charge you, and then get affronted when you as a customer are mad. It's little wonder brick-and-mortar shops are losing ground to internet shopping.
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