Badnoodles (badnoodles) wrote,

I finally got caught up on the five episodes of Mad Men I had in the hopper. (and fairly spoilery, so you may want to skip if you're not current).

"The Other Woman" actually had me crying, which has never, ever happened before due to the television. The closest has been some of the Moffat-penned episodes fo Doctor Who, whihc tend to be quite emotionally involving. But here? Tears. Tears for Joan's horrible Catch-22, and hatred for Pete. And of course, there was the sucker punch of Joan realizing that Don, alone of all of them, had been in her corner. I don't blame her for her decision - it's the one I probably would have made. It's just terrible to realize the fallout that will ensue when she's a voting partner on a board that views her as a high-class whore.

I also found the interaction of Lane and Joan interesting. The first episode, he had her back, letting her know that she was irreplaceable. A few episodes back, Lane was calling Pete a "grimy little pimp" and righteously beating the shit out of him. And now, wiith his own nuts in the fire, he's willing to serve as a pimp himself. I'm torn on the interpretation of his monetary suggestions to Joan. On the one hand, since he's already had his hand in the cookie jar, having her take the $50K in cash will expose his behavior, so he has a personal interest in not paying her this way. On the other, I think he does like and respect Joan enough that if he has to begrime himself, he's going to do as best for her as he can by giving her the position and security she couldn't earn on her own. And yet, surely he must know that setting her up in this way means that she will spend the rest of her live working with men who know for absolute certain that she earned her goods on her back. However grateful the men may be in this instant, that will fade to condescension in no time flat.

And then, of course, was the absolute sucker-punch of Don. I don't like Don Draper as a character. I was not expecting him to be the good guy here - albeit the good guy that arrives too late to do anything. It's ironic, because he alone of that group would not hold it against a woman to maker her way up that way. He's never seemed judgemental in that respect.

The other thing I see is Ginsburg. Ginsburg give me the creeps, and I can't put my finger on why. He seems to have a simultaneously predatory attitude to women and a somewhat revulsive response to sex - see the "Cinderella" shoes and the Jaguar ad copy juxtaposed with his rejection of of the Chicago nurse photos and Megan's actress friend crawling on the table. Plus there was that whole bizarre sequence about being a Martian born in a concentration camp. He's almost evocative of Norman Bates, in a way. I don't see any of the other major recappers or commentators getting the same vibe, so maybe it is just me. But there's something weird about Ginsburg, and given how dark this show can go, I'm not certain I want to see it played out.

But God, this is television at it's best.
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