Badnoodles (badnoodles) wrote,

Today was a very productive day!

I took my car into the shop, got my state inspection, and had the brake pads replaced. Well, I say replaced. There wasn't actually any pad left in the front left wheel, which accounted for the horrible grinding noise. And the rear brakes had "some kind of sticky red gunk" on them. But now all four wheels are clean and safe. Good news for me, not so much for my Amex.

I had an impromptu phone interview with the lab monkey supervisor at Bryan PD! He was impressed with my credentials, but he wanted to be sure that I would stick around for a few years, and not just get the citizens of Bryan to underwrite my training and then skip off. I did my best, telling him that I've lived in this town off and on since 1993, that I own my house, and I'm unlikely to go anywhere. That seemed to assuage him. He also asked me a question that I have yet to see in any of the many, many interview tip articles I've read: "What is a work situation that causes you stress?"

Now, the actual answer is "working for and with idiots", but I didn't say that. Instead, I went with "It stresses me when people's mess spills into my work area", which 1.) made me sound like the organized, neat scientist I actually am and 2.) not like a whiner who can't deal with multitasking, weird odors, and gossipy coworkers. I was pretty proud of coming up with that, as I had no idea that I was going to be interviewed.

I look at it that there are some pros and there are some cons. On the plus side, I would not have to move. I have family and many friends in Texas. Since it's a small department, they'll train me in a wide variety of techniques. I'll be on a day shift, with weekends off. On the down side, the pay is only $16/hr. I'd be the most junior person in the department, which means I'd draw all the shit jobs. And I'd be on-call pretty much 24-7/365. And since it's a small department, there won't be too much that happens that's interesting.

I booked tickets for Canada to interview for that post-doc. Flying out of BCS was a ridiculous amount of money, so I'm going to drive down to Houston and fly from there. Much, much cheaper.

I also submitted my application packet to take the board certification forensic entomology exam in July. In going through my case history, I discovered two cases that I'd worked that weren't in my CV, and one case on the CV that I didn't actually work, but only read the report. So it's a good thing I went through with a fine-tooth comb before I turned the thing in.

As I said - a productive day.
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