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Punched paper projects and a couple of slightly twee hearts

I stitch all the time. But I'm really bad about documenting what I've done and putting it on the internet. so it tends to come out in rather giant blorts, rather than a sprinkling from time to time.

Also, I am terribly sorry that I'm such a bad photogrpaher. I can get stuff in focus, but I suck so hard at lighting, it's not even funy

This series of 6 tassels (Orchid, Plum, Rainbow Teal, Sapphire, Willow, and Wisteria) was from Mill Hill in 2001. They look fantastic under indirect lighting - very sparkly. But they were a pain in the butt to assemble. They didn't want to fold evenly because two sides were one square wider than the other two. And since they aren't perfectly square, the tassel part doesn't always want to hang straight. But overall, I'm happy with how they turned out. I wouldn't put them on an Xmas tree, though - they need light from all sides to really stand out.

Here is Melchior, from the 2011 "Magi Trilogy" series. The Magi have always been my favorite part of the nativity sotry, so I was very excited to see a series of these guys. I will have to say that it took me forever to do all that beading - the small preview image just doesn't do justice to how many beads there and how rich they make him look.

Bluebird Santa and Cardinal Santa, 2003 "Alpine Santas" series. Stitched as charted, backed with black felt.

These are the first two of this series. Compared with the later Santas, they aren't nearly as detailed or distinct. But I'm at heart a completionist: some months ago, I gave into my baser impulses and bought all of the punched paper santas that I didn't already own. And then I picked up 2011's series when it came out, so I'm now several series behind. But nwo that I'm done with my dissertation, I'll knock them out quickly, I think.

"Ireland" and "Japan" from Victoria Sampler's "International Hearts" Series.
I have a bunch of these hearts - countries that I've visited, and countries where my family has come from. Alas, they haven't released any of the more obscure countries in a while, so I may never get to make one for Malaysia or Czecholsovakia. Anyway, this kit came with an odd burgundy floss to use for the flag and to fill the specialty stitch. I say odd, because the Irish flag is green, white, and *orange*. So I pulled an appropriate shade from my stash and subbed it. I also gave the leprechaun eyes and gold buttons, because I felt like he deserved a little more personality.

Unlike Ireland, Japan is stitched pretty much as charted, though I do think that geisha is a little garish.

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