Badnoodles (badnoodles) wrote,

I tell you, I am absolutely exhausted.

But there is very good news - I have a job! A great job! I am going to be a professor in the Forensic and Investigative Sciences Department at West Virginia University. And I'm starting in WV on the 20th. So it's been, and will continue to be, a pretty wild ride.

Wednesday, July 25th, I flew from Houston to Pittsburgh, then drove to Morgantown.
Thursday, I spent all day interviewing with the Forensic and Investitgative Sciences Department.
Friday, I drive to Pittsburgh, and fly home to Houston. As soon as I turn my phone on, I have a message from the department head telling me that I've gotten the job.
Saturday and Sunday, my aunt Heather and I box up and pack 80% of my 3 bedroom house.
Monday, I drive to Houston. I interview for a death investigator job at Harris County Forensic Science Institute. I go to lunch, and I have a phone interview with Hudson Valley Community College. I buy some specialty packing material, and a bunch of plants. I talk to friends, to family, and to professional mentors. I call WVU back, dicker for a bit, and come to an understanding with regards to pay and benefits.

Tuesday, I leave College Station at 4 to catch a flight to Pittsburgh. I drive from Pittsburgh to Morgantown. I pick up a paper, an apartment guidebook, and visit the chamber of commerce for a map and some advice. I make approximately 800 phone calls, drive around town a bit, and tour one townhouse.
Wednesday, I tour three townhouses, seven apartment complexes , and one stand-alone house. I also go to dinner with the department head and manage to eat pasta without dribbling marinara on myself. I present the five finalists to ebony14, and we decide to move on the house.
Thursday, I tour one more apartment complex, sign my offer of employment, talk to the relocation administrator, apply for a replacement social security card, eat lunch with the department head and his wife, and go through all the processing steps to be entered onto the WVU payroll. I pick up a hard drive full of presentations from one of my new coworkers, and then drive back across town to make absolutely sure that the house is acceptable in the daylight (it is.) I drive from Morgantown to Pittsburgh, fly to Houston, and then drive home to College Station.
Friday, I drive from College Station to San Antonio. I give a 50 minute talk. I drive home via Lockhart, where I sample the BBQ at three of the top five BBQ joints in the entire state of Texas. I price a bunch of shit.
Today, we had a yard sale starting at dawn. Everything that didnt' sell, we hauled off to charity. I've got a 26' U-Haul reserved. I've booked a painter to start Monday, and new carpet will be laid on Friday. Eb's return ticket is also booked.

I still have to finalize the lease in WV, arrange to hand off my house to a local management company, arrange for a make-ready maid service, manage the disconnect and connection of utilities, internet, and cable, take books to the used book store, pet stuff to the animal shelter, dispose of some hazardous waste, and put down 12 bags of mulch.
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